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223 E Church St., Jefferson, SC 29718

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7am - 6pm Monday-Friday

Auto Lift Repair

Broken lift got you Down? Get it repaired today

Carolina Automotive Lift Services has your automotive lift repair solution.  Located in Chesterfield County, SC, and servicing the greater Carolina Region for the past 45 years, we have a reputation as a premier auto lift repair service.  We are the experts when it comes to the repair of any residential or commercial automotive lift system.  We are the top providers of automotive lift repair services in Chesterfield County, SC and the greater Carolinas! We repair only with top-quality brands, so our automotive lifts will be durable and best suit your commercial or residential automotive lift requirements.

Don’t Take the Risk!


Auto lift repair services are essential, but can be risky if you do it yourself. We recommend to avoid this approach for residential and commercial auto lift installation and repairs. Leave it to the Carolina Automotive Lift Services!

Maximize your Auto Shop! Choose the right auto lift repair service and maximize your business! 

Carolina Automotive Lift Services will only repair with high-quality, reliable, and authentic automotive parts. We repair all kinds of lifts, including but not limited to: 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, in-ground lifts, parking lifts and motorcycle lifts.


Our highly trained automotive lift professionals are trained at our facility in Chesterfield County, SC and are able to assist anyone in the Greater Carolina’s with all your auto lift repairs by using the most accurate, efficient, and budget minded solution.. Get your automotive lift repair services under control with Carolina Automotive Lift Services.