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Compressed Air System Installation

Don’t fail under pressure, install a compressor!

Carolina Automotive Lift Services provides the best compressed air system installation in Chesterfield County, SC and services the Greater Carolina’s. Whether it’s for your professional automotive workshop or home garage, we understand your requirements for air compressed systems and will advise on the right ones that best fit your current need. We are the top installers of compressed air systems in Chesterfield County, SC and serving the Greater Carolina’s! We only install the world’s top brands of compressed air systems, including Saylor Beall, Champion, Ingersoll-Rand, and Gardner-Denver. These compressed air system brands are known for their durability, reliability,and quality. Installing compressed air systems requires precision. Carolina Automotive Lift Services provides highly trained expert installers that make the installation simple, easy.  Work with the experts at Carolina Automotive Lift Services, we know the steps needed for air compressed systems to work properly and we get it right the first time.  

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully licensed and insured installer
  • Over 45 years of experience in automotive installation and repair.
  • Trusted name in the greater Greater Carolina’s
  • Experts in installing and repairing compressed air systems
  • Recommended by: Triumph, Atlas Lifts, BendPak Lifts, Challenger Lifts, Forward Rotary Lifts, Quincy Air Compressors, Saylor Beall Compressors, Aircom Aluminum Air Lines, Ball Crank Lubrication Equipment  and Meineke.

Certified installer of major automotive parts and brands including:

  • Champion
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Rotary Lifts
  • Lancaster Tanks
  • Parker Products
  • Balcrank, Graco, and American Equipment
  • Air Compressor Lines
  • Gardner-Denver
  • Saylor-Beall Compressors
  • Synergair Air Piping Systems